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Your Opportunity to Learn Stav in Beverley

Stav is a path which develops the whole person.

One of the best ways of learning Stav is through the martial training aspect.

The benefits of practising Stav are:

  • Improved fitness and well-being
  • Greater self-knowledge
  • Developing a better posture, deep and natural breathing and greater strength and flexibility
  • Become more relaxed and better able to focus
  • Learn how to manage conflict and defend yourself if necessary
  • You can gain these benefits through training with six traditional weapons, the staff, axe, spear, cudgel, sax and tein

    In Stav martial arts we also study simple self-defence methods with the emphasis on awareness, managing distance and avoiding conflict if at all possible.

    Building on the foundation of sound self–defence principles you can move on to Close Quarter Combat training which incorporates:

  • Exercises for fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Simple but effective striking and kicking drills using 'dropping power'
  • Dagger/tein training to familiarise you with close quarter weapons and develop an understanding of body mechanics
  • Knife defence drills to develop an understanding of the five principles of Stav as applied to self-defence
  • Runic animal exercises which develop a wide range of close quarter combat skills
  • What is Stav?

    Traditionally Stav is a traditional Norwegian training system which has been passed through the Hafskjold family over many centuries. Modern Stav is a fusion of these traditional practices and principles with the best of other training methods such as Japanese Jutsu arts and other sources.

    Your local instructor, Graham Butcher, has over 40 years experience in martial arts generally and over 25 years of experience in Stav under Ivar Hafskjold, the heir to the Hafskjold–Stav tradition. Graham has had plenty of time and opportunity to discover what works, both in terms of the most efficient methods of training and the most effective applications. You will have the benefit of learning a direct, simple and efficient training method distilled out of 40 years of experience and training. For more information please check out the Syllabus and our FAQ page.

    How to get started in training in Stav?

    We have a well equipped training facility at our private address in Beverley. There is plenty of space outdoors for weapon training. Indoors we have mats and equipment for self–defence and Close Quarter Combat training. However, room is limited so classes will be for a maximum of four students at a time. If you think you would be interested in training with me then please get in contact by email or text and tell me something about yourself. We can then have a telephone conversation and then, if it seems appropriate, you will be invited to a free, introductory training session. The time and date of this session will be arranged at our mutual convenience. If, after attending the introductory session, you wish to go further and I feel that you would be a suitable student, you can begin training on a regular basis.


    Classes are held on Mondays from 7.30 to 9pm. During the winter classes will be indoors and training will focus on self-defence and CQC training, in the spring and summer we will be able to train outdoors using weapons such as staff and axe.


    Classes will cost £30 per month, to be paid by standing order, which includes insurance cover through the British Combat Association and a Stav tee shirt on receipt of your first payment (worth £15). Your training fee entitles you to up to 5 sessions a month, which may include a Saturday half day training session.

    Requirements for training:

  • Minimum age for training in an adult class is 16 years of age.
  • Health and fitness. You don't need to be very fit to begin Stav training but you do need to be in good overall health and mobile. Please consult your doctor if you are in any doubt about your fitness to train. Please also inform the instructor of any conditions of which they should be aware. (All such information shared will be treated with the utmost confidence.)
  • Attitude

    You will need, an open mind, an enthusiasm for learning and a willingness to share the journey with fellow students of Stav.


    Introduction to HEMA Seminar 2nd November 2019, 10am to 5pm St Nicholas Church Hall, Church Holme Lane, Beverley. Please see here

    CQC Training Our next weekend training event is on the 1st of June 2019 10am to 1pm. This seminar will be an introduction to using Stav principles for Close Quarter Combat and how to train effectively for realistic self–defence. For full details please see here


    You can download a PDF with the Close Quarter Combat syllabus, basic weapon syllabus and other important information about training in Stav here.

    Get in Touch Today

    If you think training in Stav might be the thing for you then please contact Graham now by email or text on 0771 358 5954

    Also, find out more about our approach to martial arts training by opting in below.